Event details

19.09.2017-20.09.2017 Belgrade

Second Task Force meeting on Roma Integration 2020

The second task force meeting will take place on 19-20 September 2017 in Belgrade, Serbia. The Task Force of the Roma Integration 2020  project meets annually and brings together the National Roma Contact Points, two civil society representatives from the Western Balkans and Turkey, the European Commission, the Open Society Foundations and the Regional Cooperation Council. 

The objectives of the meeting are to pursue the obligations of the Task Force as enshrined in the Rules of Procedure, Article 1:

- To supervise and guide the Roma Integration 2020 project,

- To decide on topics of relevance for the Roma integration 2020 project activities,

- To ensure comprehensive monitoring and reporting of Roma integration policies, 

- To review progress of Roma integration and related developments.

The minutes of the second task force meeting will be available online.