Strengthening Capacity

Country specific consultative meetings and capacity building trainings are regularly organized by the NRCPs and the Action Team with the inter-disciplinary body and other relevant stakeholders on Roma issues. They are used to discuss Roma integration policies, provide policy advice and training to the participating economies. Trainings may be delivered by relevant professionals, depending on the needs. Topics may include development of specific measures, drafting specific policy documents, mainstreaming Roma targeted measures into general policies, specific budgeting including assistance for fundraising actions, planning outreach to potential Roma beneficiaries within specific mainstream or targeted measures, and similar.

National Workshop: “Public Budgeting for Roma Integration” in Serbia

The replication of the RCC’s Roma Integration 2020 regional workshop on budgeting public funds for the integration of Roma in the Republic of Serbia started today in Arangelovac. Public servants from relevant ministries implementing the Roma Integration Strategy of Serbia participated in ...