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25.05.2017 Zagreb, Croatia

SEE Regional Workshop on the Role of Education and Civil Society in Prevention of Violent Extremism

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is organizing the South East Europe Regional expert workshop on the “Role of education and civil society in prevention of violent extremism”. The meeting will facilitate dialogue among experts on the current and future needs, existing and planned programmes and activities, good practices, and main challenges in prevention of violent extremism among the youth in the Western Balkans, both in school context and out of it. Relevant recommendations by the experts will be submitted to the consideration of the SEE Regional Group of National Focal Points for P-CVE established by the RCC for the implementation of the SEE Regional Platform on Countering Radicalization and Violent Extremism leading to Terrorism and Foreign Terrorist Fighters.

Among other relevant topics, the meeting will hear discussions on how to integrate education for tolerance into the high school curriculum and extracurricular and civil society activities for youth as an important component of prevention of violent extremism, including the role of school extracurricular cultural and sport activities as well as examples of good cooperation between the schools and local communities, religious communities, and private sector. 

The introductory remarks will be presented by the RCC Secretary General Mr Goran Svilanović and Mr Darko Tot, Head of Sector, Ministry of Education and Science of Croatia, as a representative of the Croatian SEECP C-i-O.