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19.06.2018 Brussels, Belgium

Coordination meeting with representatives of Western Balkan Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services

Regional Cooperation Council’s (RCC) Employment and Social Affairs Platform Project (ESAP) organises a coordination meeting with representatives from Western Balkan economies’ Ministries of Labour and Public Employment Services (PES)  in Brussels, Belgium on 19 June 2018.             

The meeting participants will have an opportunity of a  face-to-face dialogue among government representatives in order to present and discuss main trends and challenges in employment and labour markets as well as the preliminary results of peer reviews on employment policies and benchlearning; review and agree on common challenges and priorities for regional cooperation; and propose options and modalities for reflecting these priorities in future regional cooperation frameworks.

All of the listed topics will be examined through both plenary and group sessions, thus reinforcing existing and identifying emerging regional cooperation priorities on employment and social affairs.

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