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05.11.2018-13.11.2018 Tirana, Podgorica, Belgrade, Skopje, Sarajevo, Pristina

A second round of national consultations on Investment Policy Reform Action Plans

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), with the support of the IFC /World Bank Group and the European Commission, organises 2nd round of national consultations on Investment Policy Report Plans (IRAPs) throughout the Western Balkans.

Having in mind that the regional investment reform agenda (RIRA) is comprised out of heterogeneous mix of investment-related policies, this series of meetings is intended to gather representatives of national institutions in charge of each policy dimension, in order to enable smooth coordination with and inputs/comments from the relevant authorities and agencies. Besides, where and where necessary, the group will be joined by representatives from the private/civil sector i.e. representatives of Foreign Investor Council and Chamber Investment Forum and academia.

The initial draft IRAPs that came our as the result of the first series of national consultations held throughout the region in September and early October this year, would be adjusted after the 2nd round of consultations so as to ensure that respective national priorities are properly addressed within the IRAP, all in order to meet the obligations stipulated by the Multi-annual Action Plan for Regional Economic Area (MAP REA) in the Western Balkans, endorsed by the region’s Prime Ministers in Trieste in July 2017. The IRAPs will represent the RIRA implementation schedule that each individual economy will report on as an integral component of the MAP REA.

The consultations will be held as follows:  in Tirana on 5 November 2018; Podgorica and Belgrade on 6 November 2018; Skopje on 7 November 2018; and Sarajevo on 8 November 2018, and Pristina on 13 November 2018.