Meeting of the South East European National Security Authorities (SEENSA) Working Group

29.03.2018-31.03.2018 Ljubljana, Slovenia RCC event Add to your calendar

The meeting of the South East European National Security Authorities (SEENSA) Working Group, hosted by the Republic of Slovenia’s Government Office for the Protection of Classified Information (NSA) and the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) will be held on 29 March in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The meeting will discuss issues of personnel security and raising the security awareness. Representatives of national security authorities (NSA) are to present their experience, views, and good practices on these topics. The meeting is expected to agree on practical recommendations for improving the practice in this important and sensitive area, leading to better protection of civil servants and other government workers. The meeting’s conclusions should also serve to increase the level of protection of classified information, thus ensuring smooth functioning of crucial government services, key for the human security of citizens and development of economy and society as a whole.

SEENSA is a well-established RCC-led specialized regional security cooperation format, in its eighth year. It has served well as a confidence-building vehicle for government agencies in South East Europe dealing with this delicate area of work. Nowadays, SEENSA became a serious regional forum for professional cooperation in national security issues.