SWP - Events http://www.rcc.int/swp SWP - Events SWP - Events 320 75 http://www.rcc.int/swp http://www.rcc.int/swp/media/img/base/rss_logo.gif Human security and resilience in South East Europe in the context of South East Europe 2030 Strategy" side event at the Regional Forum on Sustainable development Tue, 12 Mar 2024 15:10:00 +0200Eighth Regional (Jumbo) Security Coordination Conference: Security Cooperation in the Western Balkans - "Securing the Future: Building Resilience through Collaboration" Mon, 13 Nov 2023 15:10:00 +0200 Fourth Regional Conference on countering disinformation in the Western Balkans - “The Importance of Media Literacy” Tue, 18 Apr 2023 15:10:00 +0200Seventh Security Coordination Conference: “Security Cooperation in the Western Balkans - Challenges and Lessons from Pandemics to War in Ukraine” Thu, 17 Nov 2022 15:10:00 +020012th Meeting of the Heads of the National Security Authorities of South East Europe (SEE) Mon, 26 Sep 2022 15:10:00 +0200 Launch of Balkan Barometer and SecuriMeter 2022 Fri, 24 Jun 2022 15:10:00 +0200Third Regional Conference on countering disinformation in the Western Balkans Wed, 01 Jun 2022 15:10:00 +0200SENSA Working Group: “Reflective Workshop on the Intersections between the Security Awareness and the Security Aspects of Classified Information” Thu, 28 Apr 2022 15:10:00 +0200Conference & Experts workshop on the implementation of the Western Balkans SALW Control Roadmap: "Building a stronger EU - Western Balkan partnership"Thu, 07 Apr 2022 15:10:00 +0200RCC’s SEE2030 at UNECE Regional Forum on Sustainable Development for Europe Wed, 06 Apr 2022 15:10:00 +0200