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05.12.2017 Brussels, Belgium

Balkans Summit

The Regional Cooperation Council is continuing its partnership with the Friends of Europe (FoE) in co-organizing Balkans summit. This year’s summit is named  ‘Western Balkans at the crossroads: New challenges, changing dynamics’.

2017’s Balkan Summit will feature the following sessions: Peace in the Balkans means peace in Europe, Business outlook perks up but reforms must continue and Act local: Getting local governments on board. The summit is to seek answers  to questions such as: what are the main reasons for the return of nationalism and ethnic tensions in the region; how can  Western Balkans be persuaded to look forward instead of at the past, and many more.

The event is expected to  gather  a number of top Balkans politicians and decision-makers debating ways of further re-energising the region’s myriad connections with the EU.