5th Meeting of the SEE Judicial Training Institutes Network

10.12.2021 Hybrid RCC event Add to your calendar

The fifth meeting of the South East Europe Judicial Training Institute (SEE JTI) network will be organized in hybrid mode in 10 December 2021, hosted by RCC and the Academy of Judges and Public Prosecutors in North Macedonia.

The meeting will bring together the SEE JTI Network participants to discuss issues of mutual relevance and agree on the objectives of the network’s activities in the upcoming period. Focus of the meeting will be to exchange best experiences from different approaches being taken by each of the JTIs towards distant learning solutions and contribute to improvement of the draft-regional judicial e-learning strategy for the SEE. This regional judicial e-learning strategy is the first comprehensive document, which will serve as a step-by-step guide to e-learning management in the SEE. Development of such strategy is also one of the proposals for future joint activities in the framework of the SEE JTI Network agreed in the fourth meeting of SEE JTI network held in September 2020.

Another important topic of the 5th SEE JTI network meeting is to discuss on the possibility to promote mediation in the region with a view to reach a balanced relationship between Mediation and Judicial Proceedings.

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