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Welcome to Security Web Portal (SWP)

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) welcomes you to its specialized website, dedicated to regional security cooperation in South East Europe (SEE) with the purpose of enhancing knowledge and understanding of various security-related processes, dynamics, challenges, trends, and topics.

Security is traditionally perceived as an element of high-level politics in the strict domain of state sovereignty.  Cooperation in this field is therefore the clearest sign of mature and improved relations among participating economies. Security cooperation among South East European economies may be taken as the most relevant indicator of stabilization in the region.

Security in international relations represents an essential goal and one of the areas where domestic and foreign policy meet. In terms of external security, it has never been greater in South East Europe than in the last two decades, not least since most of the economies have in the meantime become NATO members. For NATO, the security and stability of the SEE region are of strategic importance and it is closely linked to the security of the Euro-Atlantic region. When it comes to the internal security of individual economies in SEE, the region is witnessing a number of shared security challenges, such as: the exploitation of migratory and vulnerable populations for organized criminality or terrorist purposes; organized crime and terrorism; money laundering and financing of terrorism; smuggling of illicit drugs; hybrid threats;  fighting the spread of 'fake news', misinformation, and disinformation; illegal possession, misuse, and trafficking of small arms and light weapons and their ammunition; challenges in the implementation of the “whole of society approach” in de-radicalization, rehabilitation, and reintegration of former FTF’s/returnees; proliferation of the far-right extremist narratives and movements.

These challenges prompted greater attention to security and rule of law at the national and regional levels, calling for enhanced cooperation. As an all-inclusive, regionally-owned and driven cooperation framework, RCC has put a new emphasis on these two areas and dedicated its efforts to seeking deeper, more pragmatic and result-oriented cooperation and coordination. Emphasis has been placed on making this process as streamlined and inclus, and refocused its activities seeking practical answers to the pressing need for deeper and more pragmatic, results-oriented cooperation and coordination and inclusion of all relevant government agencies, academia, and civil society organizations in these efforts in South East Europe.

We live in a globalized world and every internal "issue" in one economy will be reflected throughout the region. Security is a process, just like cooperation, and it must be a cornerstone of our investment through political decisions, dialogue, and developing intra-regional friendship. Security cooperation in SEE is a daily effort underpinned by the preservations of our democratic values.

Intra-regional connections of institutions and alliances of different formats, under certain conditions and rules, reduce security issues in the public security of each economy, which is reflected in the surrounding neighbourhood, and thus the process of regional cooperation ensures the introduction of order and greater stability.

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is developing, streamlining, facilitating, and supporting South East European (SEE) regional political and security mechanisms with low-cost activities and high impact on regional confidence building.

Outcomes of the Security Web Platform implementation include raising awareness and enhancing knowledge and understanding of various security-related processes, dynamics, challenges, trends, and topics in SEE societies; better cooperation and coordination among the relevant regional initiatives and fora; enhanced inter-agency cooperation at the national level within/among the SEECP/RCC Participants from the region; greater exchange of information and good practices between them and international and regional organizations and initiatives.

Given the above, RCC has become an umbrella for security cooperation and engagement in the region through activities of the  IISG, SEESAC, as through continuous engagement in the organization of the unique "Jumbo Security Conference's" where all relevant stakeholders from SEE are invited to discuss challenges, trends, joint activities, and solutions.