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Youth Actions Donor Assistance Database developed by the RCC’s Western Balkans Youth Lab serves as sustainable resource hub which facilitates networking of relevant actors in the Western Balkans youth area and ensures easy access to accurate data about the ongoing and past donor support for youth agenda in the Western Balkans.

Database provides detailed information on regional projects and offers possibility for a regional statistical reports by donor, location and sector and will continuously provide information about the current and past project. It follows up the dynamics of project implementation with a clear overview of sectors covered by collecting comprehensive and up-to-date data related to those activities and ensuring their wider accessibility.

Prior to the data collection on projects in the region, WBYL has commissioned a mapping of youth policies in WB6 and identification of existing support gaps in the financing of youth actions in the Western Balkans. Through this mapping, the project has commenced the work on establishing informal mechanism of donor coordination in the area of youth in the Western Balkans.

Mapping reports could be found here: