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Donor Meetings

Two Informal Donor Coordination Meetings were held within the RCC’s WBYL Project aiming to provide a forum for relevant youth-related regional and international stakeholders. First Donor Meeting, held in April 2021, gathered representatives of governments, national youth councils/youth umbrella organisations, donor community and relevant regional organisations with the intention to establish a Broad Coalition on Youth as the Informal Donor Coordination Mechanism in the Western Balkans, aiming to provide help in prioritising youth issues in the region. Among others, it supports alignment of regional governments’ youth policies and priorities and donors’ programmes and interventions in the youth sector.

The goal of the Second Donor Coordination Meeting organised in December 2021 was to further strengthen the Broad Coalition on Youth as an informal donor coordination mechanism that prioritises youth in Western Balkans through better alignment of policies with donor priorities, facilitation of coordination, building synergies, and generating joint actions and follow-up mechanisms that are co-created by youth and relevant stakeholders in the policy and donor community.  

The final results of the Second Donor Meeting included Donor Database and Communique on Youth: Western Balkans Co-creating Future with Youth as Agents of Change as our agreement on the shared values, principles and way forward by the Broad Coalition on Youth.