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Sustainable Economic and Regional Development, Employment Promotion and Vocational Education and Training - ProSEED, Albania 2017-2021

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2107 - 2021
Scheduled status Planned
Locations Albania
Donors German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

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1 - The employment situation among young people in Albania and social participation of marginalised groups, including returnees is enhanced
2 - to boost the quality of the VET system gearing it closer to the labour market demands.
2 - focuses on start-up training and financial support for young entrepreneurs, as well as on strengthening MSMEs to better compete in the market
3 - creation in Albania that enhances suitable environment for talents in becoming successful entrepreneurs.
Key Activities
1 - policy advice, design and the implementation of new VET offers by integrating the work-based learning principles in the Multifunctional Centre Kamza (MFC),
2 - 10 Public Vocational Training Centres
3 - about 30 private VET providers all over the economy; teachers training and workshop upgrade with small scale equipment.
Target groups
1 - Albanians who have spent time living abroad, marginalised young people and returnees
2 - the Prime Minister’s Office 3-the Ministry of Finance and Economy,
1 - More than 2,900 job seekers are trained in short term courses and over 500 students graduated from MFC Kamza.
2 - More than 5,000 young people are part of the Start SMART job search skills and soft skills trainings.
3 - Around 1,400 marginalised young people participated in projects to strengthen social cohesion.
4 - Regarding private sector development, over 1,100 young entrepreneurs have been trained, of which, 250 developed a complete business plan and around 80 of them received a start-up grant.
5 - Almost 1,000 MSMEs received Business Development Services.
6 - more than 900 young people found employment thus far

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