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Diber: Trails and Tradition, Albania 2017-2020

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2017 - 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Albania
Donors U.S. Agency for International Development

U.S. Agency for International Development

Angel Kanchev 23A
20523-1000 Washington, D.C.
United States




To increase awareness of the tourism model, improve the quality and technical skills of producers and suppliers of products and services, and create an internship program targeted to youth and volunteers. The aim of the project is to develop and promote sustainable tourism enterprises in communities in northern Albania
Key Activities
community meeting for the Village Development. Plans in two pilot touristic villages. Training
Target groups
youth and women, tourism enterprises, private sector and partnerships
Create business to business linkages and partnerships among and between touristic suppliers and agriculture and handicraft producers
Build a sustainable marketing plan with an ICT web/social media platform to promote and support tourism in Diber
Train qualified group of local tour guides (guiding services)
Develop vocational training, formal internships and volunteer placements for local youth
Identify and develop 5 “day-trip” itineraries
Identify and mark 5 thematic trails, including marking of roads, village signage; hiking/biking/caravan maps; and informational booklets
Establish of two model traditional touristic villages

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