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ROUTE WB6, Albania 2019-2021

Type of project Youth focused
Timeframe 2019 - 2021
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Albania
Donors RYCO


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to promote cross-border long-term and short-term volunteering as a tool that will contribute to reduction of social and ethnic distance among young people in the region as well as to strengthen their pro-social and European values that will lead to reconciliation, stability and prosperity of the WB6 region.
Key Activities
1 - to make young people from WB region drivers of reconciliation and societal reconstruction, enabling them to apply European values, initiate and lead intercultural dialogue and regional cooperation towards socio-economic and democratic development.
Target groups
youth, National Volunteer Services, civil society organizations
1 - Volunteering policy reform -
2 - Establishment of the Regional Volunteer Service and regional volunteer program ROUTE WB6 -
3 - Scaling up of the Regional Volunteer Program ROUTE WB6 - newly designed regional program will be scaled up through RYCO 1st granting
4 - 50 individuals will have the opportunity to get involved in long-term exchanges and around 400 young people will participate in group volunteer exchanges

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