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‘Laboratory of the Debate on European Integration in University Auditors’, Albania 2019-2020

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2019 - 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Albania
Donors Open Society Foundation for Albania

Open Society Foundation for Albania

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to strengthen the knowledge and develop the critical analysis of the student community and young researchers regarding European Integration and its multidimensional impact in Albania through the organization of the debate championship in university auditoriums.
Key Activities
1 - the first phase coincides with the Training of Trainers (mentors) regarding the format and structure of the debate;
2 - the second phase is that of preparing teams and debates in the respective faculties. The finalization of the project in
3 - the final phase will take place through a debate championship with qualified teams. 4- a blog space will be dedicated to articles by young researchers, involved students and stakeholders to write on the topic
Target groups
HE students in Tirana City and Durres City
a - 104 young people will be direct beneficiaries after receiving the necessary mentoring and experience in a debate
b - it was structured by 13 lecturers trained at the universities of Tirana and Durres.
Larger universities will see the resurgence of a culture of debate lacking in university auditoriums.
the benefit of society, the project aims to improve the public debate on European Integration by enabling well-informed and engaged youth on these issues.

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