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Increased Education Opportunities for Roma Students and Roma Youth in Western Balkans and Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2019-2021

Type of project Youth focused
Timeframe 2019 - 2021
Scheduled status Completed
Areas of intervention Human and minority rights
Sectors 11420 - Higher education
Locations Bosnia and Herzegovina
Donors European Union

European Union

LOI 15, 03/086
1000 - 129 Brussels

+ 800 6 7 8 9 10 11



improving the position of the Roma population and increasing their opportunities for completing quality education
Key Activities
In the Zenica-Doboj Canton around 60 secondary school students will be provided with merit-based scholarships and school-based tutoring and mentoring. In addition, the young people will be inspired to continue their studies through getting to know role models from the Roma communities who have enrolled into universities.
Six university students and graduates in Bosnia and Herzegovina will be awarded scholarships and offered support towards improved academic results and employability. The activities related to tertiary education will target the municipalities of Tuzla, Kalesija, Lukavac, Gracanica, Banovici and Zivinice. The project will improve Roma students’ transition from education to employment and promote durable systemic change and desegregation of education systems.
Target groups
100 Roma children aged 3-5, pupils from 1st and 2nd grade, 60 secondary school students, 6 university students

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Project budget

Currency: EUR

Total 3.827.000,00
European Union 3827000


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