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Future Reviving through Youth Work and (Aspiring) Youth leadership: Building skills for Participatory Democracy, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018-2020

Type of project Youth focused
Timeframe 2018 - 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Bosnia and Herzegovina
Donors Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA

Valhallavägen 199
105 25 Stockholm

+46 8 698 50 00



The main objectives of the project are:
Improved conditions for democratic accountability to young people and their participation in civil and political processes
Young women and men have the same power to shape society and their own lives
Increased trust and reconciliation among young people in all parts of BIH

Key Activities
Since the initiative provides comprehensive support to efforts to improve youth policies, and youth consider unemployment a burning issue, the Institute will support local communities willing to cooperate with the Institute on founding an Entrepreneurial Fund for Young Entrepreneurs. Approximately 40 young people will have an opportunity to obtain funds for launching their own small business, allowing them to try their hand at entrepreneurship. In addition to financial support, the Institute will provide advice and mentorship, and help youth perfect their brand in technical and marketing terms, ensuring name recognition on the market and ability to earn a livelihood in BiH.
Target groups
The project is focusing on six separate target groups.
Short-term results reported by KULT in 2018
20 young politicians became more sensitive to youth issues.
In 4 municipalities youth councils have been established.
Entrepreneurial youth funds have been established in 8 municipalities, leveraging 200 000 BAM (about 1 million SEK) from municipal budgets.
6 local youth organizations were awarded grants in 2 public calls for proposals.
20 young politicians from 18 different municipalities received training programs for young politicians, of whom three later ran for office.
Training was organized for 25 youth officers from 21 municipalities.
KULT established cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, for investigating the problems and needs of youth. It is estimated that at least 1000 youth were informed about activities that contribute to social integration, retraining and additional education, alternative ways of tacking social and economic crisis.

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