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2020 Call for Projects for Civil Society, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Bosnia and Herzegovina
Donors French Development Agency (AFD)

French Development Agency (AFD)

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To support civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Key Activities

Target groups
The French Embassy decided to increase its budget and rewarded 11 project ideas overall. These include several youth-based projects. Examples are as following:
• Udruzenje Ekozeleni (to support environment action in Tuzla with a focus on youth)
• Udruzenje Medija-Art (to support the organizing of international theatre festival of grammar school students JUVENTAFEST, with a focus on integration of youth with disabilities)
• Udruzenje za postkonfliktna istraživanja PCRC (to help create a magazing which would highlight young talents from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Western Balkans)
• Udruženje “Spark school” (to help support event “Find your Spark, a meeting place for the promotion of new technologies, informatics and robotics for young people)
• UG RAGBI KLUB ČELIK (to help develop a partnership between the city of Zenica and French local communities through educational, cultural and sports-based cooperation aimed to benefit youth, with a focus on rugby and French language)
• Udruženje VIVA (aimed at youth from 20 municipalities to produce movies)

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