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Project details

IPA, Albania 2014-2020

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2014 - 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Sectors 15110 - Public sector policy and administrative management
Locations Albania
Donors European Union

European Union

LOI 15, 03/086
1000 - 129 Brussels

+ 800 6 7 8 9 10 11



Beneficiaries Albania
IPA funds build up the capacities of the economies throughout the accession process, resulting in progressive, positive developments in the region. To help the beneficiaries make political and economic reforms, preparing them for the rights and obligations that come with EU membership. Those reforms should provide their citizens with better opportunities and allow for development of standards equal to the ones we enjoy as citizens of the EU. The pre-accession funds also help the EU reach its own objectives regarding a sustainable economic recovery, energy supply, transport, the environment and climate change, etc.
Key Activities
Provide financial assistance through five channels (known as "components"): transition assistance and institution building, cross-border cooperation (CBC), regional development, human resource development and rural development
Target groups
Media, public administrations and community stakeholders, journalist
Cultural events, as well as promotional activities engaging children and youths bring positive results. Evaluation findings point to the fact that cultural events, campaigns, promotional activities, workshops, competitions and other related events with children and youths are effective in terms of engaging these groups, raising their awareness and knowledge but also empowering them to take a proactive role. (IPA VOL1) in Albania the financial and technical resources of the relevant government institutions are quite limited when it comes to sustaining their activities without EU assistance.

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Project budget

Currency: EUR

Total 639.500.000,00
European Union 639.500.000,00


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