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”Local Action for Inclusive Development”, North Macedonia 2012

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2012
Scheduled status Completed
Locations North Macedonia
Donors United Nations

United Nations

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The overall objective of this project is to intensify integrated local and regional development of the economy by providing assistance for enhancement of the local inclusive community based development framework.
Key Activities
Enhancing local good governance mechanisms and processes and improving overall service delivery to citizens at planning region level and in few selected municipalities;
Applying innovative instruments for securing sustainable growth
Target groups
Municipalities and planning regions, the Association of Local Self-Government Units, the National Inter Municipal Cooperation Commission, civil society organizations, the economic chambers and all line ministries and state institutions that play a role in the economy’s development
Innovative arrangements for efficient and quality service provision, including use of information technologies designed and implemented by promoting public-private partnership, outsourcing and inter-municipal cooperation; Institutional and human capacities at national and local level improved for implementing effective and transparent provision of decentralized competencies;

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Project budget

Currency: USD

Total 1.746.200,00
United Nations 1746200


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