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Project details

Annual Program Statement For Fiscal Year 2020, Serbia

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2020
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Serbia
Donors US Embassy

US Embassy

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The purpose of APS-funded projects is to strengthen ties between American and Serbian citizens as we work together
Key Activities
Grant projects can take any number of forms, including conferences, workshops, courses, public debates, role-playing exercises or simulations, TED Talks, summer camps, festivals, master classes, hackathons, online projects, etc.
In light of social distancing measures and to limit the spread of COVID-19, we welcome creative proposals that utilize video conferencing, distance learning tools, etc.
Projects should include an American element and/or connection with an American expert, organization, or institution. Activities might also highlight shared Serbian-American values, national interests, etc.
Activities should focus on audiences in Serbia, but we also suggest applicants consider putting together regionally-focused proposals that include participants or partners from neighboring nation
Target groups
applicant can set target groups

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Project budget

Currency: USD

Total 28.375.750,00
US Embassy 283757.50


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