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Enhancing Youth Cooperation and Youth Exchange in the WB6, Serbia 2019-2021

Type of project Youth focused
Timeframe 2019 - 2021
Scheduled status Completed
Locations Serbia
Donors European Union

European Union

LOI 15, 03/086
1000 - 129 Brussels

+ 800 6 7 8 9 10 11



1 - to include young people in informing the priorities of RYCO work,
2 - increase their awareness about opportunities for youth participation across the region,
3 - and work on strengthening the capacities of CSOs in the WB for the implementation of regional youth mobility projects
Key Activities
1 - better inform young people about mobility opportunities and benefits of exchanges through organization of events and campaigns,
2 - intercultural learning and dialogue with their peers from WB6;
3 - Participate in decision-making processes
Target groups

1 - support youth organizations and young individuals to enhance their capacities in better voicing their needs, contributing, and benefitting
2 - The inputs from young people will be analyzed and fed into the design of a call for project proposals that will support the best CSO initiatives

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