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Capacities for the Improved Implementation of International Agreements in the Field of Environmental Protection, Serbia 2017-2021

Type of project General intervention
Timeframe 2017 - 2021
Scheduled status Completed
Areas of intervention Climate change / environment
Civic and political participation
Locations Serbia
Donors United Nations

United Nations

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To improve implementation of Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) in Serbia by increasing consultations among the public, private and civil sectors and integrating MEA provisions into national and local policies and programs.
Key Activities
1. Number of organized consultative meetings with CSOs on MEAs (4)
2. Presence of an integrated on-line database on SEAs and EIAs (yes/no)
3. Number of officials in local self-governing units trained to integrate global environmental issues into SEAs and EIAs (100)
4. Presence of a guidance for local adaptation planning (yes/no)
5. Number of capacity building activities for the Green Parliamentarians group on international environmental agreements, treaties, and oversight (12)
6. Number of organized Information Days for youth organizations to promote global environmental projects for youth (4)
7. Number of students applying knowledge of international environmental issues in a practicum or legal clinic setting (20)
Target groups
local governments, students, academia, MPs, research institutions
88 representatives of 31 environmental research institutions trained on how to develop and manage projects for the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme (EU Horizon 2020);
Consultations between the Ministry of Environmental Protection’ officials and representatives of 21 CSOs were organized to share the highlights and conclusions of the Climate Change COP23 global conference;
123 officials in local governments trained to integrate international environmental requirements into SEAs and EIAs;
26 MPs from various political parties, members of the informal Green Parliamentary Group within the National Parliament, gained knowledge on Green public procurement, harmonization of national and EU environmental legislation;
The Group’s web site http://zelenidijalog.rs was developed; 40 members of Women Parliamentarians from national and local parliaments, as well as Green Parliamentary Group members gained knowledge on green enterpreunership;
Youth Info Days organized in Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac, to help CSOs and local youth officies develop environmental projects that engage youth, and to share information on available funding sources;
25 young men and women trained to develop green startups.

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Project budget

Currency: USD

Total 829.255,00
United Nations 829255


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