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Project details

COSME Programme Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Type of project Youth focused
Timeframe 2016 - 2021
Scheduled status Completed
Areas of intervention Enterpreneurship
Locations Montenegro
Donors European Union

European Union

LOI 15, 03/086
1000 - 129 Brussels

+ 800 6 7 8 9 10 11



"The general objective of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is to facilitate exchanges of experience, learning and networking for new entrepreneurs by means of working alongside an experienced entrepreneur in another participating country. The specific objectives of the programme are:

➢ On-the-job-training for new entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
elsewhere in a participating country to facilitate a successful start and development of their
business ideas
➢ Exchanges of experience and information between entrepreneurs on obstacles and challenges
to starting up and developing their businesses
➢ To enhance market access and identification of potential partners for new and established
businesses in other EU countries
➢ Networking by building on knowledge and experience from other countries."

Key Activities
➢shadowing and collaborating with the host entrepreneur ➢market research and developing new business opportunities
➢project development, innovation and R & D
➢taking a fresh look at existing business operations ➢understanding SME finance
➢branding, sales and marketing of the HE’s company
➢work on concrete projects from one or more of the above-mentioned areas.
Target groups

"Aspiring or new entrepreneurs
Experienced entrepreneurs"

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Project budget

Currency: EUR

Total 80.000.000,00
Beneficiary co-financing
European Union 80000000


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