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Roma Integration 2020 Newsletter No. 1

Roma Integration 2020 Newsletter No. 1

22 May 2017 |

Welcome to the first issue of the Roma Integration 2020 project newsletter. From the beginning of the project we have focused on achieving the expected project results in effective, efficient and quality manner. It is time to start regularly updating you on these achievements. 

Roma Integration 2020 project, implemented by the Regional Cooperation Council and funded by the European Union and the Open Society Foundations, provides valuable technical and expert support to the governments of the Western Balkan and Turkey to achieve tangible results in their efforts of integration of Roma in their societies. We focus on proper Roma integration policy formulation, implementation, budgeting and monitoring. At the same time we strive to ensure Roma integration policy is duly embedded in the general socio-economic policies in the region, and within the EU integration process in general. 

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