Contacts & Staff

Aleksandra BOJADJIEVA is a Policy Expert of the RCC’s Roma Integration 2020 Action Team. Before joining RCC she worked for the Decade of Roma Inclusion Secretariat Foundation as Research and Policy Officer, successfully conducting the Decade Intelligence project, the Roma Inclusion Index research, the civil society participation programme Decade Focal Points and the Decade Future wide debate process.

Ms BOJADJIEVA has been actively involved in minority, particularly Roma rights organizations and projects, including managing the Making the Most of the EU Funds for the Roma, managing and conducting DecadeWatch monitoring reports, and a number of other projects. She has served as an Independent Expert on the Advisory Committee of the Framework Convention for the protection of National Minorities within the Council of Europe. 

Within the Roma Integration 2020 Action Team, Ms BOJADJIEVA is responsible for planning and mainstreaming, monitoring, and civil society participation. She also serves as desk officer for North Macedonia and Serbia.


Shejla Fidani is a Policy Expert of the RCC’s Roma Integration 2020 Action Team, proving guidance to the governments regarding Roma integration and relevant mainstream policies, linking them with the EU accession, analyzing socio-economic policies, sector reforms, and public budgeting cycles. She serves as a desk officer for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. 

For the last 15 years, Ms Fidani has worked on providing financial support and human expertise to civil society organizations, municipalities and governmental institutions. While working for the Open Society Foundations (OSF) in Budapest and Berlin on funding programs and projects that materially advance organizational strategies, she contributed to the development of the civil society sector in Europe. Ms Fidani has an international philanthropy, institutional and grassroots experience in leading and funding programs, developing strategies, monitoring and communication.




Rada KRSTANOVIĆ is the Project Officer of RCC’s Roma Integration 2020 Action Team. She has gained experience in administrative and financial operations while working both in business and non-profit sectors, including work for two UNDP implemented projects in Serbia with the position of programme and communications assistant. She has been active in the civil society sector in Serbia with a focus on vulnerable groups, minorities and human rights for more than a decade, being responsible for financial and organisational management and implementation of projects as well as administrative and communication work. For the last six years she was engaged on Roma rights and advocacy projects in Serbia, bearing responsibilities from project planning and programme implementation to logistical and administrative-financial tasks. 

Within the Action Team, Rada is responsible for liaising with the RCC's core administration in implementation of the project, ensuring compliance with the RCC’s administrative policies, rules and regulations.



Communication Officer

Vesna TOPIC is the Communication Officer of RCC's Roma Integration 2020 Action Team.

She has more than 14 years of experience, working mainly in the field of marketing and communication. So far, she has worked in the IT industry, media and marketing agencies, and finance industry. Her last job was in Raiffeisen bank in the Department of Marketing and Corporate Communication & Sustainability Management, where she worked as communication specialist.

Within the Roma Integration 2020 Action Team, Vesna acts as a liaison between the organization, the public, and the media to ensure that the goals of the project and team activities are communicated in a clear and structured way.

Vesna has acquired her master’s degree in the field of marketing at the School for Economics and Business, University of Sarajevo. In 2019 she was awarded the Innovators Mindset award by Raiffeisen Bank International, for her work on developing the idea of easy investing. Another project she has worked on, The Bridge, was one of the winners of RBI’s intrapreneur’s program and has received funding for further development.