National Roma Contact Point

Ms. Merita Xhafaj

General Director

General Directory of Social Policies

Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth

Rruga e Kavajes, 1001 Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 60 408 6825 


Inter-disciplinary Body on Roma integration

Integrated Policy Management Group (IPMG) on Employment and Social Sector (ESS)

Thematic Group on Social Inclusion, Gender Equality and Roma Issues


1. Relevant departments of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth

2. Social Insurance Institute

3. State Social Services

4. Children’s Rights Agency

5. National Employment Service (NES)

6. State Inspectorate for Labour and Social Services (SILSS)

7. National Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Qualifications (NAVETQ)

8. National Youth Service (NYS)

9. National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT)

10. Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism, Trade and Entrepreneurship

11. Ministry of Education and Sports

12. Ministry of Rural Development

13. Ministry of Health

14. Ministry of European Integration

15. Ministry of Finance

16. Employers' organizations and Worker's organizations

17. EU Delegation and other relevant donors active in the sector


Civil Society Coalition

Lead Organization




Bledar Taho




Partner Organizations






Roma Active Albania



Voice of Roma in Albania



National Roma Integration Strategy

Roma Strategy 2016 - 2020 - Albania EN SQ 

General Socio-Economic Policies relevant for Roma integration

National Strategy for Development and Integration 2015 - 2020 SQ 

National Plan for European Integration 2017 - 2020 EN 

Action Plan on Roma in Albania for 2017 EN 

National Strategy for Development and Integration 2014 - 2020 EN