Regional Cooperation

High Level Meetings

High level meetings set the regional policy direction on Roma integration that is pursued through the project. High level officials responsible for the Roma integration policy from each participating economy will meet on two occasions during the Roma Integration 2020 project implementation, to launch and conclude the project. Ministers or their representatives discuss the crucial commitments to Roma integration, regional approach and general overview and assessment of the achievements and challenges of Roma integration. High level officials of the main contributors and partners to the project also attend these meetings.

Task Force Meetings

National Roma Contact Points from each participating economy, two regional delegates of the Roma civil society, and representatives of the European Commission, the Open Society Foundations and the Regional Cooperation Council comprise the Task Force of the Roma Integration 2020. The Task Force steers the project. It meets annually to discuss the project progress and the context in the region, to agree on upcoming activities, main topics and issues to be tackled, and to set operational directions for the implementation of the project and Roma integration policies at regional level.

Streamlining in RCC

The core work of the Regional Cooperation Council is driven by the South East Europe 2020 Strategy, a comprehensive framework for regional cooperation on the path to the European Union and to overall growth and prosperity. Roma Integration 2020 project is an inter-disciplinary effort dealing with a topic that is cutting across a number of pillars of the SEE 2020 Strategy. Through the project, National Roma Contact Points use the established bodies managing the SEE 2020 Strategy, such as the Programming and Monitoring Committees, to mainstream Roma issues in the relevant regional policy dimensions of the SEE 2020 Strategy.


The project ensures visibility of the regional work on Roma integration by maintaining a one-stop-shop type of website containing the most relevant information on Roma integration at economy, regional, European Union and international level. Quarterly, a bulletin is issued containing the most recent developments on Roma integration and the implementation of the project. At the end of the project, a monography shall be published as a compilation of all the materials developed through the project, relevant publications, as well as an assessment of the project achievements.