Regional Monitoring Standards promoted at the Roma women regional network

20170621 Care International workshop

20170621 Care International workshop

The international organization Care International with regional headquarters in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, active on the issue of equality of Romani women, engaged the Regional Cooperation Council’s Roma Integration 2020 Action Team within its workshop with a task to promote regionally adopted standards for monitoring of Roma integration. 

The Care International implements the regional project “For Active Inclusion & Rights of Roma Women in the Western Balkans II”. Within the project it organized the workshop for Romani women civil society activists aimed at building their knowledge and capacities regarding the EU integration processes and the Roma integration within the process. The Care International invited the Action Team to present its work at the workshop, including information on the Roma Integration 2020 project with particular attention to the regionally agreed monitoring standards and the mainstreaming of gender within those standards.

Taking into account the Roma Integration 2020 project aim to streamline Roma issues within the regional discourse, the Action Team responded to the invitation. The objective set by the Action Team was to ensure the project is promoted among Romani women activists and they are capacitated to meaningfully participate in the project activities, particularly the process of monitoring of the implementation of Roma integration policies from the perspective of its gender dimension, as well as the various meetings for dialogue on the Roma issues organized within the project.

Ms Aleksandra Bojadjieva, policy expert of the RCC’s Roma Integration 2020 Action Team represented the Action Team at the workshop held in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She delivered a half-day module with the Romani women activists from the region, including presentation that can be found below and interactive activities for the participants, to present the topic and activate the participants to interact and build their knowledge and skills through active engagement.

The Roma Integration 2020 presentation included general information about the project, particularly covering the aims, objectives, expected results and activities. Implemented activities in 2016-17 were also presented in details. The main part of the presentation focused on the monitoring and reporting template developed by the Action Team in line with the EU framework for reporting. 

RCC Roma Integration 2020 Presentation