Housing Training for Municipal Officials

Training for the Muncipal Officials in Prizren

Training for the Muncipal Officials in Prizren

Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning and Infrastructure in partnership with the Office of Good Governance, and supported by the Regional Cooperation Council's Roma Integration Action Team organised two consecutive two-day trainings for capacity building of municipal officials.

The focus of the training was to complement the electronic platform for social housing applications at the local level, for monitoring and reporting of existing beneficiaries, potential beneficiaries, and social housing applications. All these processes can assist in the further development planning in the field of residence and more specifically social housing.

The participants were divided into two groups with two days of training each group.

Municipal participants in this workshop had been appointed by the Mayors, with the aim to provide data on the housing status so that in the workshop they would be more efficient in completing the electronic platform for registering applications for social housing. Through the training of data registration all of the participants were trained how to enter the data on the system of Social Housing application based on the agenda.

By working together with the public officials on a local level, Roma Integration Action Team support both them and their fellow Roma citizens to speed up the process of Roma Integration and provide better housing conditions for Roma, as a precondition to improving their overall wellbeing.