Discover your Perfect Spot

Imagine a spot where you can experience winter you would wish to last forever.

A spot where you can master your skiing or snowboarding skills on numerous slopes on numerous mountains.

A spot where you can spend winter days with your family and everybody will find their own joyful activity.

A spot where you can hike, pass by picturesque mountain villages hidden between the hills and woods.

A spot where you can conquer the tops of the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views.

A spot where those breaths will be filled with the cleanest air that smells like the purest snow combined with the soothing pine scent and the herbs underneath the snow just waiting for the spring to raise and blossom up the entire hills.

A spot where you can drink water directly from the spring.

A spot where you can find your peace and serenity. And for those whom serenity is laud and who are hungry for adventures… this is a spot where you will taste the best local food and drinks while observing great white snow through the wooden flames of a fireplace in the cosiness of local restaurants.

A spot where you will have the nights of a lifetime either dancing or night skiing. Or maybe seeing all this beauty driving on motor sleds.

A spot where you can support local craftsmen and enjoy cold winter nights wearing special wool slippers, scarfs, sweaters and caps made by women and men of the mountains.

Welcome to rocky Balkans. Welcome to Balkans Winterland.

Discover your perfect spot!