Competitiveness of the Western Balkans is a crucial segment of the region‘s economic development. Our primary objective is to heighten the region‘s appeal to foreign investors, catalysing sustainable industrial activity, expanding financing avenues for the private sector, and fostering job creation.

Historically, the Western Balkans‘ economic growth has been closely tied to investments, rather than industrial production. Our focus is on harmonizing regional investment policies, coordinating investment promotion activities, and targeting promising value chains. This strategic approach aims to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) while positioning the Western Balkans as an attractive nearshoring alternative for EU-based investors looking for diverse supply sources.

Our commitment extends to the financial markets, recognizing their pivotal role in driving economic prosperity. Initiatives are underway to modernize payment systems, ensuring cost-efficient transactions, and fostering regional cooperation on crucial financial market issues amidst the evolving global economic and political environment.

Amidst changes in the global economic and political landscape, we emphasize the importance of regional market integration and streamlined value chains. Our comprehensive approach includes dedicated actions to bolster key industries, including tourism and creative industries development, nurture entrepreneurship, and elevate the competitiveness of start-ups and SMEs.

Embark on this transformative journey with us, contributing to a reformed investment policy framework, increased investments, and modernized payment systems. Together, we can propel the region towards industrial development aligned with international standards, fostering a more competitive, resilient, and integrated economic landscape in the face of global shifts.

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