Digital Transformation

Connecting the region


  • Development of Digital Society and Economy
  • Roaming Free Western Balkans
  • Lower roaming costs between the Western Balkans and the European Union
  • Modern regional broadband infrastructure
  • Digitally upskilled workforce
  • Interoperable cross-border e-Government and e-Business services
  • Self-reliable regional cyber threat response system
  • Digitisation of industries
  • Increased digital literacy in Western Balkans


  • The RCC brokered a Regional Roaming Agreement that leads to roaming free region by July 2021
  • We supported regional agreement that led to a cut of roaming costs up to 66% in the region
  • We networked contact points responsible for Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs) in WB economies
  • Supported integration of the region into the EU digital programmes and framework
  • We contributed to regional dialogue on digital services and broadband investment
  • The RCC enhanced regional capacities on developing digital skills strategies
  • Enhanced regional capacities on electronic identification and trust services
  • Networked CSIRTs and supported the strengthening of capacities on cybersecurity
  • The RCC supported the establishment of a structured high level regional dialog on digital transformation in a form of the Western Balkans Digital Summit

Digital transformation is an essential change in the process of using digital technologies to create new experiences, opportunities, innovative business processes and market requirements.

Embracing digital transformation by all key stakeholders in the region, i.e. ensuring greater availability of digital infrastructure and enhancing connectivity, creating a trustworthy regional space and competitive environment for innovative businesses, working on digital upskilling, as well as enabling better regulatory framework that provides regulatory stability and consistency over time, can help Western Balkan region grow.

It will strengthen ties and cooperation within the region, and increase the convergence with the European Union, with the primary goal to make Western Balkans fit for Digital Age.

Next steps

  • Support effective implementation of the Digital Agenda for the Western Balkans through REA2
  • Alignment of WB Digital Agenda with EU Digital Single Market (DSM) principles and practices and relevant European strategies

Contact Points

Pranvera Kastrati

Pranvera Kastrati

Senior Expert on Economic and Digital Connectivity

+387 33 561 722

Milena Jocic Tanaskovic

Milena Jocic Tanaskovic

Expert on Digital Connectivity

+387 33 561 711


Tanja Maraš

Expert on Digital Connectivity

+387 33 561 728

Radovan Nikcevic

Radovan Nikčević

Expert on Connectivity

+387 33 561 737