Human Capital

Better opportunities for decent work and good life


  • Research systems which foster innovation
  • Robust innovation ecosystems
  • Integration of Open Science principles
  • Mapping & opening research and innovation infrastructures
  • Removal of obstacles to mobility of researchers


  • Created Western Balkans Innovation and Research Platform
  • Created Network of Open Access Research Infrastructures in the Western Balkans 
  • Developed the First Research Infrastructure Roadmaps in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo* and North Macedonia
  • Supported Technology Transfer practices and networking of Technology Transfer Offices in the region
  • Introduced Regional Diaspora Knowledge Transfer Initiative
  • Established Regional Network of Women in STEM
  • Launched Butterfly Innovation & Business Forum

This flagship is designed to address some of the main obstacles identified during the development of the SEE 2020 Strategy: limited mobility in the region; underdeveloped skills base; skills mismatch with the labour market needs; and cumbersome recognition of professional qualifications. It is developed on the premise that development of education and improvement of labour force skills are key factors that will underpin future economic recovery, growth of SEE economies and restructuring towards knowledge-driven economies.


Contact Points

Sinisa Marcic

Sinisa Marcic

Senior Expert on Human Capital Development