The South East Europe 2020 Strategy Governing Board

The entire annual SEE 2020 Strategy Governance Cycle starts and finishes with the month of June, corresponding with the meeting of the SEE 2020 Governing Board and the RCC Annual Meeting.

The main task of the SEE 2020 Governing Board is to analyse the progress achieved in the previous year through by adopting the SEE 2020 Strategy Annual Report on Implementation (ARI) and initiate new governance cycle of the SEE 2020 Strategy. The SEE 2020 Governing Board meets once a year and provides the opportunity to issue guidance and recommendations to the RCC Secretariat and other participants in the implementation of the Strategy.

The SEE 2020 Governing Board participants include ministers, deputy ministers and senior officials from the ministries of foreign affairs and/or institutions in charge of European affairs of the SEE 2020 Strategy participating economies. Other participants of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) are also invited to the meetings.