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024-024 Implementation of SecuriMeter - Security public opinion survey 2024: “Attitudes towards security: Perceptions of security and threats in Western Balkans”: (LOT1) - data collection and data processing; (LOT2) - data analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

Deadline: 29 MARCH 2024 Deadline: 22 APRIL 2024

Since 2021, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) has been measuring public attitudes, experiences, and perceptions regarding the security situation in the Western Balkans. The continuation of the Public Opinion Survey on security issues remains a key priority for understanding citizens’ perceptions and assisting practitioners and governments in enhancing their actions.
The RCC invites applications from consulting companies and individual consultants within bidding consortia to implement the SecuriMeter Security Public Opinion Survey 2024. This initiative aims to gather and analyse data on public attitudes towards the security situation across the Western Balkans.
• LOT1: Data Collection and Data Processing
• LOT2: Data Analysis, Conclusions, and Recommendations

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026-024 Technical assistance to prepare feasibility study for digital identity in Albania

Deadline: 21 MARCH 2024 Deadline: 22 APRIL 2024

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is looking for a consultant, consulting company or consortium of individual consultants to support the RCC to prepare a feasibility study for notified electronic identification scheme in Albania that would be eligible to become a notified eID scheme under eIDAS.
The overall objective of the consultancy is to identify possible solutions for introducing an electronic identification scheme that would fulfill the requirements of notified eID scheme, in line with articles 7, 8 and 9 of eIDAS.
Individual consultants/consulting companies/consortia of individual consultants are invited to submit their application in line with the Open Call for Consulting Services.

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