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24.10.2017-25.10.2017 Zagreb, Croatia

2nd Meeting of SEE Associations of Mediators Network

Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is organizing the 2nd meeting of the South East Europe (SEE) Mediators Network. It will gather representatives of ministries of justice and mediators from SEE. 

During  the 2-day meeting participants will discuss the needs for reforming laws regarding the alternative dispute resolution and present the weak points in the implementation of laws in force. It will also hear presentation of an expert from European Judicial Network/European Law Institute (EJN/ELI) Working Group on the recent trends and statistics as well as possible recommendations for the ministries and mediators’ organisations in the region. 

The participants are to discuss possibilities and tools for public awareness raising in order to increase the number of cases resolved by mediation and/or arbitration and thus create more business-friendly environment, reducing court backlogs in the SEE region.

This work will also be integrated in the efforts of developing regional investment reform agenda and improving the investment climate, led by the RCC's Working Group on Investments.