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Bregu: Support of Western Balkan citizens to regional cooperation remains stable at 76%
24 Jun 2022

Brussels – “While many things change, our public and business perceptions surveys remain a truthful source of sentiments across the region. At times, the results surprise us, sometimes they serve as a wake-up call, while on other occasions they confirm that our efforts are not in ...

Bregu: As long as we continue to subscribe to dialogue, compromise and cooperation, we invest in long-term stability, security and prosperity
09 Jun 2022

Thessaloniki – “Under the political guidance of SEECP and in consultations with all relevant actors and stakeholders, RCC identified those gaps in which the region should invest with technical as well as political capital. These all fall under the category of sustainable development, ...

70% of Western Balkan citizens believe that incoming migrants are a security risk
08 Nov 2021

RCC organised a webinar on Paradigm Change in Afghanistan to discuss possible implications for South East Europe Sarajevo - “Mismanagement of the sudden large influx of migrants in the Western Balkans has likely contributed to the fact that 70% of Western Balkan citizens believe that ...

Bregu: European perspective of Western Balkans is the drive that makes the process of cooperation beneficial
15 Oct 2021

Sarajevo – “European perspective of Western Balkans is the drive that makes the process of cooperation beneficial to all in long-term. It is of highest importance that both the region and the EU deliver on the respective commitments – particularly when we take into account ...

Kapetanovic: Addressing the spread of disinformation should be an integral part of the overall security policy
08 Jul 2021

Sarajevo – “SecuriMeter data show us that people of the Western Balkans perceive three areas of public life to be threatened by intentional disinformation: economy and finance (57%), trust in public institutions (54%), and trust in elected representatives (51%). With that in mind, ...

Bregu: Voice, concerns, hopes & expectations of the people from the region are core of the RCC work
17 Jun 2021

Antalya – Leaders of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) approved the RCC-developed strategy for socio-economic development of South East Europe (SEE) in the next decade – SEE2030 Strategy, at their Summit held in Antalya, Turkey today. 

Bregu: 2020 was difficult, but a real progress and achievements have been made for development of our region
16 Jun 2021

Antalya – “Last year, ruled by the pandemic has definitely showcased the extent of our interconnectivity and interdependency and demonstrated that in cooperating, we boost our strengths and resilience. It is clear that regional socio-economic integration is crucial for regional ...

Bregu: It is up to the region to retain commitment to cooperation and bring forth tangible progress to citizens
25 Jun 2020

Tirana/Sarajevo/Prishtina – The two meetings have been held today within the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) - the meeting of the SEECP Ministers of Foreign Affairs and the RCC Annual Meeting, which RCC co-organised with the outgoing Kosovo SEECP Chairmanship-in-Office ...

Bregu: Cooperation is the only blueprint that holds the promise of ‘Stronger Together’
24 Jun 2020

Sarajevo – “The regional cooperation continues to grow in prominence with an overwhelming majority of citizens supportive of its role in improving the political, economic and security situation in their home economies - 77%, and 65% of them believes that what brings WB citizens ...

Bregu: Pandemic created a common awareness that at least for now humankind takes precedence over politics and disputes
14 May 2020

Sarajevo – “For all its aggressiveness, the COVID-19 crisis also offers glimmers of hope. It has connected Western Balkans even more, this time in a fight against an invisible enemy. It has persuaded us that cooperation should be resilient. It has created a common awareness that at least ...

Bregu: There Is No Other Way to Build the Common European Future of the Region than the consolidation of Rule of Law - It’s All about Justice
04 Oct 2019

Tirana – “Albania and Northern Macedonia are eagerly awaiting mid-October's decision on opening of the EU negotiations, which reflects on the entire region, as a necessity to maintain the reforms under way and take the next step in the European integration process. So, it is not a coincidence ...

Bregu: Western Balkan should embark on serious, wide-ranging facilitation agenda, including movement of people, goods, services and capital
05 Jul 2019

  Poznan – “Two years after the Western Balkans’ (WB) Prime Ministers endorsed the Multi-annual Action Plan for the Regional Economic Area (MAP REA) in Trieste the region has not fully embraced the opportunities offered by the Regional Economic Area. Flows of goods, services, ...

Bregu: Balkan Barometer 2019 clearly shows public and business appreciation of regional cooperation and need to strengthen it
04 Jul 2019

Poznan – “There's no better way to stress the need for stepping up the regional cooperation than quoting the citizens and businesses of the Western Balkans (WB) who overwhelmingly, with 74% and 67% respectively, believe in regional cooperation. The recent success with dropping of roaming ...

RCC Secretary General Bregu calls for more efficient future action and better communication with the citizens
21 Mar 2019

Sarajevo – Coordination Board of the Regional Cooperation Council’s (RCC) South East Europe’s growth Strategy (SEE 2020) has met in Sarajevo today, to reflect on the implementation results, identify potential action synergies for further cooperation as well as post-2020 regional priorities ...

Cooperation of Judiciaries in the Western Balkans leads to transparent, reliable and predictable Rule of Law practices for the citizens
12 Mar 2019

Sarajevo – Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) hosted today representatives of the Western Balkans’ Ministries of Justice gathered around the RCC-led Working Group on Justice, at their regular meeting, 12th in the row.

RCC’s Balkan Barometer 2018: Satisfaction of people and businesses on overall situation in the region is steadily improving
06 Jul 2018

Brussels – The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) revealed results of 2018 edition of the Balkan Barometer (BB), an annual survey of citizens and business communities’ opinion on the situation in the region, in Brussels today. The main findings of the survey show that satisfaction of ...

RCC: Western Balkans Working Group on Research and Development meets in Brussels
13 Jun 2018

Brussels – The meeting of the Western Balkans Working Group on Research and Development (R&D) took place in Brussels on 13 June 2018. The participants focused on the possible participation of the Western Balkans in the Horizon Europe, which is the EC's proposal for a € 100 billion ...

Western Balkans' Judicial Training Institutions and Working Group on Justice meet in Podgorica
08 Jun 2018

Podgorica - Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) convened meeting of the Western Balkan Judicial Training Institutions (WB JTIs), Councils for Judiciary and Working Group on Justice (WGJ), held on 7-8 June 2018 in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Regional Working Group on Justice and Western Balkans’ Judicial Training Institutions held a joint meeting
07 Dec 2017

Brussels – Joint meeting of the regional Working Group on Justice (WGJ) and Western Balkans Judicial Training Institutions (WB JTIs) group was held in Brussels on 6-7 December 2017, under auspices of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

RCC hosts Workshop on Improving the Investor State Dispute Settlement in South East Europe
02 Nov 2017

Vienna - The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) hosted today a workshop on improving the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism in South East European (SEE) economies, which is a next step in the implementation of the investment reform agenda in the region. 

Preventing Corruption in Public Institutions through Efficient Identification of Risks
25 Oct 2017

Ljubljana - Efficient identification of corruption risks and their assessment in public institutions is the main topic of a two-day Regional Forum which started in Ljubljana, Slovenia today.     

2nd Meeting of Mediators from the Region
25 Oct 2017

Zagreb - Network of Mediators from South East Europe (SEE) concluded their second meeting in Zagreb today, discussing the dispute resolution laws, public awareness on mediation and potentials for improving investment climate in the region. The 2-day meeting gathered representatives of ministries ...

RCC hosts meeting of the Western Balkans' Judicial Training Institutions
06 Jul 2017

Brussels – Western Balkans' Judicial Training Institutions (WB JTIs) met in Brussels today at a meeting organised by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat. The meeting discussed future work and cooperation among WB JTIs, relevant European Commission services, European Judicial ...

Practical and institutional cooperation of regional judiciaries in focus of Podgorica-based events
22 Mar 2017

Podgorica/Sarajevo – Podgorica hosted two events on judicial matters: Regional Seminar on practical issues in the framework of the judicial cooperation in civil, commercial and family matters and the 7th  meeting of the Working Group on Justice, on 21-22 March 2017.

Justice and Home Affairs discussed at EU-Western Balkans Ministerial Forum
16 Dec 2016

Brdo pri Kranju/Sarajevo - Efficiency and cooperation of judiciaries, operational cooperation in matters such as migration, border management and internal security, including counter-terrorism and firearms trafficking were the main topics discussed at the EU-Western Balkans Ministerial ...

Judicial training institutions from Western Balkans and Turkey mapped the most important projects in the region and identified common needs as grounds for future cooperation
10 Nov 2016

Sarajevo/Belgrade – Representatives of the Ministries of Justice and Judicial Training Institutions (JTI) of Western Balkans and Turkey gathered at the Coordination meeting under the auspices of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) to map the most important projects in the area of judicial ...

RCC: Regional 3-year plan of activities and processes in the area of justice agreed at the meeting of the Working Group on Justice
09 Nov 2016

Sarajevo/Belgrade – Justice ministries from the region initially agreed on the framework plan of action for the coming 3-year period, as proposed by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) at the 6th meeting of the Working Group on Justice, held in Belgrade on 9 November 2016.

SEE judicial training institutions network established
13 Apr 2016

Bucharest – A two day conference started in Bucharest today, establishing for the first time a Network of Judicial Training Institutions in South East Europe (SEE). The general goal of this initiative is to strengthen cooperation in the field of justice in the Western Balkans and the ...

RCC: Strengthening regional cooperation in the field of justice
18 Mar 2016

Sarajevo – The Third Regional Rule of Law Forum for South East Europe kicked off in the Sarajevo City Hall this morning, bringing together over 130 eminent representatives of the regional highest courts, the supreme and constitutional courts, judicial councils, directors of judicial academies ...

RCC’s SEE 2020 Strategy: Regional Action Plan in the area of justice approved
23 May 2014

Regional Action Plan for South East Europe (SEE) in the area of justice has been unanimously approved by all members at the first meeting of the Working Group on Justice, held under the guidance of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, today.

RCC hosts first meeting for preparing South East European strategy on justice and home affairs
07 Jul 2010

The first meeting of the South East European Steering Group for Regional Strategy on Justice and Home Affairs 2011-2013, ended in Sarajevo today at the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretariat, which is coordinating the preparation of the document.

RCC hosts workshop on enhancing cooperation in combating illicit drug trafficking in South East Europe
24 Nov 2009

On 23-24 November 2009, the RCC Secretariat hosted in Sarajevo a regional workshop on enhancing comprehensive cooperation in combating illicit drugs trafficking in South East Europe (SEE). The event was organized together with the Strategic Police Matters Unit of the Organization for Security ...

RCC, MARRI to promote rule of law principles in South East Europe
16 Sep 2009

Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), Hido Biscevic, and Director of the Migration, Asylum, Refugees Regional Initiative (MARRI), Trpe Stojanovski, signed today at the RCC Secretariat in Sarajevo a Memorandum of Understanding on development of an effective regional cooperation ...