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24 May 2019

Brussels – “Western Balkans (WB) is a welcoming environment for investments, with corporate profit tax rates ranging from 9% to 15%, being among the lowest in Europe and monetary and financial systems strongly dependent on euro. And yet, one of our the strongest assets is human resource ...

11 Oct 2018

Sarajevo – The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) began operationalisation of the Regional Investment Reform Agenda (RIRA), with a series of consultations with Western Balkans Six (WB6) economies, on the development of their individual-economy Investment Policy Reform Action Plans (IRAPs), ...

04 Jul 2018

Vienna – Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Goran Svilanovic presented key results of the implementation of Multi-Annual Action Plan on Regional Economic Area (MAP REA) at the ministerial panel dedicated to this topic of the Economy Ministers’ Meeting of the ...

17 May 2018

Sofia – The Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Goran Svilanovic, took part at the EU-Western Balkans Summit hosted by the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, in Sofia today. The Summit is dedicated to strengthen links between the EU and the Western Balkans in ...

16 Apr 2018

Vienna – The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC)’s Joint Working Group on Investments (JWGI) of the South East Europe Investment Committee (SEEIC) and Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA), discussed Regional Investment Reform Agenda (RIRA), at the meeting held in Vienna today. 

19 Dec 2017

First Meeting of the Western Balkans Six Capital Market Authorities Vienna - In line with its activities on the implementation of the Multi Annual Action Plan (MAP) for a Regional Economic Area (REA), the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) organised the first meeting of the Western Balkans ...

21 Nov 2017

Geneva – The Investment Policy Review (IPR) of South East Europe (SEE), conducted by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) with the support of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), has been presented in Geneva today. 

03 Nov 2017

Vienna - The Western Balkans Six (WB6) Multi-Action Plan (MAP) for Regional Economic Area (REA) in the area of investments’ policy reform was in the focus of the regular meeting of SEEIC-CEFTA Joint Working Group on Investments (WGI), organized by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) in ...

02 Nov 2017

Vienna - The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) hosted today a workshop on improving the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism in South East European (SEE) economies, which is a next step in the implementation of the investment reform agenda in the region. 

12 Oct 2017

Geneva – The first regional meeting of the South East European (SEE) International Investment Agreements (IIAs) Negotiators was held in Geneva today under the umbrella of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), and in cooperation with the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), aiming ...

24 May 2017

Podgorica – Regular, 7th meeting of Working Group on Investments (WGI) took place in Podgorica today.

18 Nov 2016

Geneva, Switzerland - Reforming and harmonizing investment policies in South East Europe will help to attract investors, a senior regional official said, at a meeting in Geneva on Thursday to discuss economic cooperation on investment into the region.