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11 JUL 2008

Role of RCC National Coordinators to be strengthened, says organization’s Secretary General

ATHENS/SARAJEVO – The ways of enhancing the role of RCC National Coordinators was in the centre of talks between the RCC Secretary General Hido Biscevic and the Greek Deputy Foreign Minister Yannis Valinakis in Athens yesterday.

The two officials discussed the situation in South Eastern Europe and pointed to a need to strengthen regional cooperation, especially in view of different opinions of individual countries on some outstanding issues. They agreed that the countries should focus on developmental projects in order to ensure favourable climate for tackling those issues.

Secretary General Biscevic and Deputy Minister Valinakis spoke about a possibility to devise a mechanism of permanent cooperation comprising the National Coordinators, RCC experts and officials of relevant EU directorates. They agreed that such a mechanism would ensure constant dynamics in implementing development oriented projects in South Eastern Europe.

Secretary General Biscevic outlined RCC priorities in the fields of economic and social development, infrastructure and energy, justice and home affairs, security, and building of human capital. He gained full support for the RCC work by the Greek government.

The meeting was a part of Secretary General Biscevic’s round of political consultations with high-level officials of Southeast European countries.

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