09 Jun 2022
Bregu: As long as we continue to subscribe to dialogue, compromise and cooperation, we invest in long-term stability, security and prosperity news

Participants of RCC Annual Meeting endorse organisation’s Annual Report and Strategy and Work Programme 2023-2025 Thessaloniki – “Under the political guidance of SEECP and in consultations with all relevant actors and stakeholders, RCC identified those gaps in which the region should invest with technical as well as political capital. These all fall under the category of sustainable ...

08 Jun 2022
Champion of Regional Cooperation to round off 14th RCC Annual Meeting news

Sarajevo/Thessaloniki – Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) is to hold its 14th Annual Meeting on Thursday, 9 June in Thessaloniki. RCC Secretary General Majlinda Bregu will present the RCC Annual Report and major accomplishments and results of the organisation in the past year while putting it in the context of current political and economic situation in the region.  Despite challenging ...

18 May 2022
Bregu: With slowed growth & inflation Western Balkans will have to amp-up regional cooperation news

RCC Board endorses organisation’s Strategy and Work Programme 2023-2025 and the Annual Report of the RCC Secretary General Sarajevo - It is very difficult to sugar-coat the severity of economic effects of the war on the Western Balkans. It is equally difficult to accurately predict the true and longer-term impact, or to identify the opportunities for the region along the way. Our ...

16 Mar 2022
Bregu: European perspective important for socio-economic progress, but also for security and stability news

RCC Board met today for the 45th time since the establishment of the organisation Sarajevo/Tirana – “The times we are living in are not glamorous, on the contrary these are dark moments. We are all heartened and deeply saddened by the unjust war Ukrainian people are going through. The economic impact of the war stretches beyond Ukraine's borders. Concern is present in the Western ...

15 Nov 2021
Bregu: The antidote to slowing down EU enlargement process is more ambitious integration of Western Balkans in the EU single market policies news

RCC Secretary General takes part at the informal meeting of SEECP foreign ministers in Brussels  Brussels/Sarajevo: “European perspective of the Western Balkans is the drive that makes the process of cooperation beneficial to all in the long-term. I believe EU has all the leverage needed to keep the EU perspective in WB alive. Without a credible path to EU membership, the WB could ...

15 Oct 2021
Bregu: European perspective of Western Balkans is the drive that makes the process of cooperation beneficial news

RCC Board meets for the 44th time  Sarajevo – “European perspective of Western Balkans is the drive that makes the process of cooperation beneficial to all in long-term. It is of highest importance that both the region and the EU deliver on the respective commitments – particularly when we take into account that optimism regarding the time of accession has been declining. ...

01 Oct 2021
RCC Secretary General Majlinda Bregu in a podcast on next Western Balkans Digital Summit statement/speech

"'One market for all 6 is under construction and we already have the base. A roaming free Western Balkans as of first of July. While travelling in the EU from the Balkans we pay 43 times higher in roaming than others. Thus, the ultimate goal is to have the roaming prices between the Western Balkans and EU gradually reduced and closer to the domestic ones in the next five years. So, we are already ...

26 Jul 2021
RCC Secretary General for Montenegrian Vijesti: “Knowing the right people” does not lead to the EU interview/article

RCC Secretary General gave an interview for Montenegrian Vijesti "We know, Regional cooperation will prevail on the strength of its ideas and ideals, not on the disputes and the name of documents. We know economies of the region will be competitive when it should be, collaborative when it must be. We just hope those will be adversarial only when this is inevitable. The prospect of eventual EU ...

05 Jul 2021
Talking Points by Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council, Majlinda Bregu at Western Balkans Berlin Process Summit statement/speech

Talking Points by Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Majlinda Bregu at the Western Balkans Berlin Process Summit. Berlin Summit gathered EU representatives and Western Balkans leaders to talk on Regional Cooperation and Common Regional Market.

17 Jun 2021
Bregu: Voice, concerns, hopes & expectations of the people from the region are core of the RCC work news

SEECP Meeting of Foreign Ministers and the SEECP Summit held in Antalya Antalya – Leaders of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) approved the RCC-developed strategy for socio-economic development of South East Europe (SEE) in the next decade – SEE2030 Strategy, at their Summit held in Antalya, Turkey today.  “The SEE 2030 Strategy is a regional call ...

12 Apr 2021
South East Europe – SEE2030 Strategy page

The leaders of the thirteen economies of South East Europe (SEE) adopted the SEE2030 Strategy at the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP) Summit in Antalya, in June 2021. The SEE 2030 Strategy ...