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Regional Platform for Countering Radicalization and Violent Extremism leading to Terrorism and Foreign Terrorist Fighters - CVE-FTF Platform

In response to the mandate entrusted bySEECP MFAs, the RCC has established the SEE Regional Platform for CounteringRadicalization and Violent Extremism leading to Terrorism and Foreign TerroristFighters.

The Platform is strengtheningcoordination and cooperation on countering radicalization and violent extremismat national and regional levels, under the SEECP political umbrella. Theexpected outcome is a coordinated, all-inclusive and regionally owned processin place, as a contribution to the overall European and globalcounter-terrorism efforts.

The SEE Regional Platform on CVE/FTF isembedded in the EU-backed Western Balkans Counter-Terrorism Initiative (WBCTi)and its activities are relevant in the framework of the recently adoptedIntegrative Internal Security Governance (IISG) – an EU Programme designed toassist the Western Balkans in tackling serious and organised crime includingterrorism in an integrative and coordinated approach.

Priority Area Overview