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01.12.2017 Vienna, Austria

SEE 2020 Monitoring Committee Meeting

The 5th meeting of SEE 2020 Strategy Monitoring Committee, organised by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) In Vienna on 1 December 2017 is expected to kick start the new monitoring cycle, including defining the new timetable for collection of data on the Strategy’s implementation for the Annual Report on Implementation. 

The participants will also look back on the last years monitoring cycle focusing on main challenges and identifying ways to address them, based on which they will discuss the scope and timeframe for 2018, including distribution of roles and responsibilities among national administrations, regional dimension coordinators and RCC. 
SEE 2020 Monitoring Committee oversees the overall process of monitoring the Strategy and proposes any changes to optimize the process or modify the scope of monitoring. It consists of the appointed high-level officials at the level of Assistant Minister or State Secretary from the governments of South East Europe (Government representative) covered by SEE 2020 Strategy and a representative of the RCC Secretariat.
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