“Cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in the Western Balkans” - High-Level Cybersecurity Conference

09 July 2024 Tirana

The Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), supported by the European Commission, is to organize second High-Level Cybersecurity Conference on 9 July 2024 in Tirana.

This high-level conference is to offer a platform for structured and inclusive discussions on cybersecurity challenges and opportunities in the Western Balkans. Ministers from the Western Balkan economies are to present their strategic insights on significant changes and key challenges in cybersecurity, covering topics such as regulations and protocols, cyber threats, and regional collaboration. The conference will feature discussions on critical infrastructure, showcasing practical solutions from both private and public sector perspectives, and exploring how emerging technologies can enhance critical infrastructure security. Additionally, it will address practical approaches to support the integration of the Western Balkans into the European Cybersecurity Certification Framework.

Representatives from the Western Balkan economies, relevant stakeholders, partners, international organizations, implementing partners, donors, the private sector, NGOs, and academia are to join the discussions on the challenges and collaborative activities in regional cybersecurity cooperation.

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