Following the success of Roaming Free Western Balkans, negotiations for EU-Western Balkans roaming reductions coordinated by Regional Cooperation Council and the European Commission  started in July 2021. After intensive and wide consultations on 6 December 2022, 38 telecommunication operators from the Western Balkans and the EU signed the Roaming Declaration at the EU-Western Balkans Summit held in Tirana, thus enabling the reductions of data roaming charges as of 1 October 2023 for the customers of these operators while roaming in in the European Union and Western Balkans, respectively. In line with the Declaration, 1 GB of data within special offers/packages of these operators to be used while roaming cannot exceed 18 EUR. However, many operators went even further below this cap.

For additional information on prices, before traveling and using mobile data in roaming, please contact your local telecommunication operator.

This is the start of the process aiming to lead to further reductions reaching prices close to the domestic ones in the future.