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RCC Secretary General for Radio Free Europe (RFE)

RCC Secretary General for Radio Free Europe (RFE)

05 May 2020 | INTERVIEW

“Implementation of initiatives to strengthen cooperation amongst the [Western] Balkans Six economies would create conditions for better life of our citizens. What might save us from pains is for the political leaders and experts to say, because coronavirus pandemic is an abnormal situation that comes with abnormal risks. Cooperation is vital and I believe we all got the idea that solo play will bring us nowhere,” said, among other things, RCC Secretary General Majlinda Bregu in Radio Free Europe’s (RFE) article dubbed “Economic cooperation in Western Balkans: Solo play will bring us nowhere” analyzing the effects COVID-19 pandemic will have on the economy of Western Balkans.

The full article including the original answers to RFE questions provided by the RCC SG is available in the document.

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