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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We are working towards independent and accountable judiciary, and transparent and efficient public services in South East Europe


  • Independent and accountable judiciary
  • Increased integrity in public institutions
  • Transparent and efficient public services


  • Established SEE Judicial Training Institutions Network and launched SEE Associations of Mediators Network
  • Developed tools to prevent corruption
  • Contributed to quality improvement of public services

As core part of the European Commission’s Enlargement Strategy “fundamentals first” approach, good governance and rule of law related reforms are sensitive issues for which SEE economies are working closely with the European Commission in bilateral formats; but their progress can be supported through regional cooperation.

The main objective of RCC’s engagement in these areas is to support the SEE economies in implementing the related reforms to improve governance effectiveness and practices, establish consolidated public administrations, enhance the efficiency of judiciary, and reduce corruption, as well as facilitate practical regional and cross-border cooperation to these effects.

The actions supporting the reforms in the areas of governance and judiciary will promote simple and more effective legislation, and more efficient and transparent public administration institutions.

The RCC team in charge of the flagship

Ivana Goranic

Ivana Goranic
Expert on Rule of Law – Justice and Home Affairs

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