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Rule of Law

Rule of Law

We are working towards independent and accountable judiciary, and transparent and efficient public services in South East Europe


  • Independent and accountable judiciary
  • Increased integrity in public institutions
  • Simple and more effective legislation
  • Transparent and efficient public services


  • Established SEE Judicial Training Institutions Network and SEE Associations of Mediators Network
  • Facilitated practical regional and cross-border cooperation in rule of law matters
  • Contributed to quality improvement of public services

Rule of Law lies at the core of the EU accession process which is a key prerequisite for guaranteeing fundamental rights and values, allowing the application of EU law, and supporting an investment-friendly business environment. The priority of credibly addressing rule of law reforms, as the most pressing issue for the Western Balkans, has been reiterated within the EC’s 2018 Western Balkans Strategy, Sofia Declaration’s Priority Agenda, as well as the 2019 Enlargement Strategy.

Based on the principle of "fundamentals first" in the accession process, good governance and rule of law related reforms are sensitive issues for which SEE economies are working closely with the European Commission in bilateral formats; but their progress can be further supported through regional cooperation.

Regional Cooperation Council works on cross-border judicial co-operation and improved mutual trust among the Western Balkans judiciaries and administrations, thus enabling and underpinning MAP REA activities. Close co-operation among judiciaries creates an atmosphere that supports the process of transitional justice, as the precondition for any improvement of regional co-operation and good neighbourly relations.

Additionally, in line with the Chair’s conclusions of 2019 Western Balkans Summit of Poznań, Regional Cooperation Council supports the enhanced engagement of legislative dimension in regional cooperation processes and enables information sharing about goals, challenges and achievements with the parliaments in the region. The actions supporting the reforms in these areas will promote efficiency of judiciary, simple and more effective legislation, more efficient and transparent public administration institutions, as well as facilitate practical regional and cross-border cooperation to these effects.

The RCC team in charge of the flagship

Jorida Shytaj

Jorida Shytaj
Political Advisor

Tel: +387 33 561 712

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