Regional Cooperation Council Secretary General meets chief executive of Vienna Economic Forum

Goran Svilanovic, Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary General, met today with Ambassador Elena Kirtcheva, Secretary General of the Vienna Economic Forum (VEF), at the premises of the RCC Secretariat in Sarajevo.

The two officials discussed political and economic situation in South East Europe, as well as ways to improve cooperation between the two institutions. In this context, Ambassador Kirtcheva suggested signing an agreement between the RCC and the VEF.

Secretary General Svilanovic outlined main activities of the RCC Secretariat in the coming years, centred around the regional development strategy South East Europe 2020, and its main goals, such as employment growth from 40% to 45%, increase in mutual trade by 230%, and the rise of the region’s GDP from the current 38% to 46% of the EU average.

Ambassador Kirtcheva provided update on activities of the VEF, and suggested that the 10th Vienna Economic Forum, to take place in November 2013 with participation of top government officials and businessmen, endorse the SEE 2020 strategy.

The officials agreed the two institutions would work closely in the coming months towards enabling the suggestions to come to life.