RCC Secretary General takes part in a summit of Heads of Government of the Central European Initiative

The RCC Secretary General, Hido Biščević, participated in a meeting of Heads of Government of the Member States of the Central European Initiative (CEI) in Bucharest today. Secretary General Biščević extended his congratulations on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of successful cooperation and achievements of the Central European Initiative. He further stressed the excellent cooperation that is going on between the two organisations and secretariats. A concrete example of this cooperation is the joint launching of a Sustainable Energy Development Regional Initiative aimed to contribute to increasing the energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources in South East and Eastern Europe.

The RCC Secretary General expressed hope that the renewed engagement of the international community regarding the most challenging remaining issues in South East Europe would create a favourable environment for establishing a lasting peace and enhancing stability in the region. “A great deal of responsibility for this consolidation lies with the governments of the region.  A great deal of responsibility lies also with the EU to embrace this region and avoid undue delay that may bring unwanted strategic vacuum.”

Secretary General Biščević also took part in the Central European Initiative Summit Economic Forum, held in Bucharest on 12 November 2009. He held a keynote speech on the subject of ensuring energy security and the role of Central and South East European Countries. "Energy is one of the most important prerequisites for the overall economic, social and environmental development, stability and prosperity of the region of South East Europe", Biscevic said.

The summit was held within the framework of the Romanian Presidency of the Central European Initiative. The participation of the RCC Secretary General in a summit of the CEI fits into the context of cooperation that is developing on the basis of a Memorandum of Understanding regarding cooperation between the RCC Secretariat and the CEI Executive Secretariat as well as within the context of the process of coordination of regional organisations and initiatives, which is intended to strengthen coordination and achieve synergy of activities carried out on the regional level as well as to avoid duplication and overlapping.